What is the Visa process like?

Procedures of visa depends on the country you belong. It will be completely your responsibility to make an entry and exit to any country. However we will surely guide you through the process, help you at every step. Once you book your trip with us (your enrolment is done) we will provide you with all the required information.

Can I/we pay in installment using any of your payment plans?

You can break your total amount payable into maximum 3 instalments.

Is it necessary to buy my international flight tickets through To Travel?

No, it is not necessary to book your international tickets through us, however we could do it if you want us to.

What are the safety measures for guests?

All the accommodations and vendors are vetted. Our tour guides are medically trained for first aid and CPR. We have a country wide risk management plan for emergency situations.

Medical and immunization details I/we need to know before I/we leave?

We are here to give you all kind of help you need but won’t be able to provide any medical advice legally. However, we will provide the link of few websites that will provide the required information. Get all the information from our website and consult with your physician before travelling, as few vaccination might need booster dosage which might create an issue at last minute.

Can payments be made using credit card?

Yes we take payments via credit cards. All the details about the payments will be provided to you by your To Travel advisor.

Do you provide with escorted flights?

Yes we do provide flight leaders, but only if our guests requests us to. Please talk to our travel advisor about the charges involved.

What medical insurance do I/we need?

We want everyone to have an international medical insurance, because we do not provide any kind of medical insurance. Therefore, if in case any injury or illness takes place, we will take care of it. However, family will be responsible for taking care of all the medical expenses and the services provided.

Will I/we be able to get dietary requirements?

Yes, we make sure that our guests have meals of their choice by taste and health. We train our tour guides for dietary requirements for those who have mild and severe allergies. You  just have to mention to us prior boarding the flight.

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